Privacy Statement INFRONT – X AS

Last updated 01.05.2018  

General Manager at IFX has the overall responsibility regarding information processing. For information about customers, this responsibility is delegated to CMO.  

Legal basis.

Information is processed to provide customers, suppliers/partners and potential customers with product information and professional information. We do not store sensitive personal information.  

What information is stored

INFRONT-X does not store sensitive personal information. We store information that is necessary to ensure effective communication with and training of customers. We store the following information: Name Email Workplace Phone (s) Workplace Products we assess is of interest for each client What species and sides of fish farming we assume customers are interested in What training and meetings that has taken place for the individual customer  

Information Sources

The information is obtained from the customer, and/or from open sources such as the customers’ websites. Assessments about which species and parts of the production process the customer is interested in is assessed based on the company’s activity, the customer’s position at the company, or after direct contact with the customer. We do not use cookies in our applications or on our website.  

Insight in what we store on a personal level.

Our registered customers have the right to understand what data is stored about them. Customers may request access to this data by contacting INFRONT-X at the email address at the bottom of this document. Should data be incorrect, the customer may require that data be corrected or deleted. INFRONT-X relates to Norwegian legislation in connection with the storage of personal data.  

Sharing of data

Data is not shared with 3rd party.  

Data storage

Data about customers and partners is stored and secured only in our CRM system. This is SuperOffice which in turn stores data in accordance with current requirements in Norwegian and European legislation.  


Questions about storing personal data at INFRONT-X can be directed to